Colors to watch out for this season

Colors to watch out for this season

The days of autumn are already being felt and soon we will have winter in our midst. It's time to renew the closet and nothing better than knowing where fashion will go this season. From classics to more strident colors, here we review some options to choose from.

Range of greens

The season will offer a varied palette of winter greens. With a more mossy and natural trend, olive green will be the star of the garments. It will be a good time to go shopping in Canadian stores and supermarkets in search of a pair of loose pants in this color that combined with a more natural shirt can be an ideal outfit for cold days.

Blue with energy

In the range of blues, fashion becomes a little more striking. Ibiza and Mykonos blues are making a comeback, which have very marked characteristics. A blouse of this type will make you stand out among the pale colors that surround us. Striking blues will win the arm wrestle with the quieter ones, although dark tones will still be key for evening attire.

The era of fuchsia

Following the line of eye-catching colors, fuchsia will not go out of fashion. You will see in supermarkets and stores in Canada various options with this color that comes from having a sweeping summer at the hands of Kim Kardashian. So a fuchsia Fedora dress can be the solution for a winter party.

Adobe and browns

Clay will have its starring role this season. Its sober but stylish details will allow you to wear an elegant and modern look at the same time. The different shades of brown are not left behind this winter either, as we will see different options of shirts and jackets in Canadian clothing stores.

The color of wine

For those who want to play a little more with colors, the range of burgundy reds or dark violets has a lot of potential to discover. Both in garments that can combine very well with greens and naturals and for accessories that will make you look very original. You will see many ideas around this range in the country's clothing stores.

Natural bases

There is no winter without a good base of colors that allow us to play with imagination. For this winter, creams and beiges will be at your service so that you can build your personality on them. You will also see options in grays and silvers that make possible a use with any type of color as well. Don't forget to buy basic garments in these colors, you will surely find many of them in Canadian supermarkets.