Get ready for the field hockey season

Get ready for the field hockey season

The NHL season has already started in the United States and Canada and if you haven't started yet, this is your chance. Don't let more time pass and start equipping yourself with everything you need. We leave you with the ultimate list for the ice hockey fan.


There are skates for all types of players in Canadian sporting goods stores. Those who are just starting out can opt for boots with greater protection, rigid and with a blade that allows for greater stability. There are also skates for intermediate players with features ranging from boot height for more aggressiveness to more aerodynamic shapes. For more advanced players, the "senior skates" are the best option. This last level of skates has a much higher degree of detailing with textures that aid mobility, blades that improve grip and enough lightness to fly around the rink.


The player's best friend deserves special attention. The first thing to check is the club material. The technology in this aspect has advanced a lot but it is still possible to get all-wood clubs. For those looking for something lighter, there are options in Canadian stores with mixed materials that can combine carbon fiber or aluminum. At an extreme level, Kevlar clubs are the jewels of the pros. Other aspects to take into account are the length, which is usually junior or senior, and also the curvature that will give your game a particular style.

Helmets and protection

Ice hockey is a high-contact sport and that is why all the elements of protection are essential. When it comes to equipment, look for a good helmet that gives you freedom but does not leave your head unprotected. There are recreational, competitive and professional helmets. The options differ according to the thickness of the helmet, the layers of protection inside and the front elements such as the visor or the metal mask. As for the body, you can look for semi-rigid foam alternatives at sporting goods stores in Canada. Breast pads, shoulder pads and firmer or lighter leg protection are available but don't use thin materials as you don't want to end up with bruises.


Last but not least, clothing. Good shorts to feel comfortable on the track. T-shirts made of materials that allow perspiration not to be trapped. Socks with anti-slip technology. Gloves so that the club does not get away from you. You can't miss your favorite team's jersey either.

Now you are ready to give it all and enjoy. Let's go!