Innovative gifts for your children

Innovative gifts for your children

¿Stuffed animals? ¿Legends? ¿Princess or superhero costumes? None of the above. Let's turn the typical gifts we give in Canada upside down and move on to much more interesting gifts. It's a good time to start thinking about toys that will make our children play and learn at the same time. Here are some ideas for you to keep in mind and go out looking for that one thing that will make you stand out for the next birthday or Christmas.

Toys to learn to program

Digital transformation is increasing year by year. What was once only a matter of adults is now for everyone, including children. The trend of toys that allow children to learn programming is becoming more and more established. Toy stores have options of robots so that children can develop programming skills by bringing these gadgets to life. Who wouldn't want to have their own R2D2?

Drawing Screens

We can take drawing to a whole new level. The days of wasting thousands of sheets of paper and colored fibers may be over. Magnetic or digital drawing and coloring screens are now all the rage in the Canadian market. They come in many price ranges, they are not usually very economical, but they are a great investment. Your children will be able to see their drawings on the computer and even share them with their best friends.

Coloring Maps

Who doesn't like to know the world? What better way than to do it by coloring. In Canadian stores and supermarkets you can find coloring maps. There are also models to scratch off and learn more about each country. Other educational projects have maps with drawings and legends to put together that also allow you to learn while playing.

To discover the universe

An excellent idea is to introduce children to the fascinating world of planets and constellations. The typical is to start with a telescope but there are also interesting technological options such as special projectors that allow you to have a map of the universe in your room. There are also puzzles or toy solar systems to complement them.

Sustainable toys

Environmental education is very important for our children. In Canada you can get many games that propose experiences based on renewable energies. There are toys with solar, wind, hydro, static or magnetic energy. Children can play with elements that take care of our planet and at the same time learn about environmental care.