The best supermarkets in Canada

The best supermarkets in Canada

There are few things as frustrating as waking up to an empty fridge because you decided to skip on your supermarket run to binge-watch an entire season of your favorite show.

Yes, shopping for groceries can feel like a tedious routine sometimes, but it is also a chance to discover new products, brands, and bargain items that might just be your new preferred midnight snack.

If you are starting your next shopping list, here are some of the absolute best supermarkets in Canada.

Real Canadian Superstore.

RCSS is owned by Loblaw Companies, one of the biggest food retailers in the country. Still, the company has its very own unmistakable style that separates them from every other competitor. Founded in 1979 in Saskatoon, the supermarket chain store has been a household name in many Canadian cities. Their current slogan is “Shop like a mother” and while it may sound a bit weird for those who are not familiar with the brand, it really conveys a sense of familiarity that represents the soul of the company. RCSS has over 140 stores nationwide and its own online store that offers shipping and store-pickup options in almost every store.


Metro is the third-largest grocer in all of Canada. The company operates mainly in Ontario and Quebec, with headquarters in Montreal. The company was created in 1947, so you can be sure they know what they are doing. One of the most interesting things about shopping at Metro is the number of loyalty programs they have, offering many benefits, discounts, and rewards to their card-carrying members both online and at their stores.


With almost 200 stores in Alberta and British Columbia, Safeway is the third-largest grocery chain in the country. The company has its own brand called Lucerne- daily line, Primo Taglio, which specialize in deli and organic products. Their superstores have their own pharmacies, bakeries, Deli sections, and butchers. All of their services make them stand out, offering high-quality goods at fair prices. If you live in any of the provinces where they operate, Safeway is definitely a place you want to check out.

No Frills

No Frills was created in 1978 as a discount supermarket. Since then, the company has grown into one of Canada’s biggest and most recognized stores. The company has always promoted a model of sustainability, asking customers to take their own canvas bags, pack their own groceries and recycle at their stores and at home. They own and operate over 200 stores nationwide, selling a wide range of products at discount prices. No Frills stores are the perfect place to find new international and national brands that might just be better than regular, more industrial products.