¿Where is technology headed? Trends 2022

¿Where is technology headed? Trends 2022

The tech world does not stand still. All the development processes we have been observing have accelerated with the pandemic and leave us facing a technological horizon that has already been in a hybrid context of enclosure-opening for two years. Let's see where the industry leading the fourth industrial revolution will go.

Everything is smart

It is clear that everything is becoming "smart". This trend we've been seeing grow is likely to advance to new places. With smartwatches already established in the population, more electronic products will be added to being connected 24/7. We will see in Canadian stores and supermarkets more and more appliances and wearables with the ability to connect to wifi, to our devices and to the cloud.

Going digital

Another giant advancing in the technological world is virtual reality and immersive experiences. The pandemic has left us in our homes for a long time and what we used to go out to look for can now be found all around us, either through delivery or through proposals that take us outdoors without leaving our homes. The development of VR or 360° products will be in Canadian advertising and electronics stores.

Code for everyone

It may not be something that attracts the attention of end consumers, but the democratization and opening of the codes behind what we see and touch is also a trend. This is because more and more digital solutions are needed every day and it doesn't make sense that these processes are so costly or difficult or specific to solve. Developers and large companies are thinking about a world where more people have more information to respond to the pace that society demands.

Thinking sustainable

There is not much to question on this topic. Global warming and the climate crisis challenge the entire industry to offer "eco-friendly" products and solutions. In Canada, initiatives are being developed so that we see more and more products in supermarkets and stores that respect the planet and use renewable energies in their use and manufacture.

It gets cloudy

If there is one thing the pandemic left us with besides the home office it was our link to cloud storage or systems directly mounted on it. 2022 looks set to be even cloudier with processes and platforms directly set up in the air. Buying digital storage or work products will be more current than ever in Canada and will be part of our lives for a long time to come.