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Delicious canadian-made food products

Delicious canadian-made food products

Canada is a land of opportunities for the palate. There are food products that you will only find in this country and that you will have to try if you are a tourist. If you are not familiar with Canadian culture, you should know that it is a very tidy country, where environmental care is a priority and many of the products they consume are aimed at reducing environmental pollution: an example is milk in a sachet instead of milk in cartons or gallons. You can visit different stores and restaurants to taste the most delicious delicacies. Here is a list for you to try before your trip. Remember that you can copy the recipe and take the risk of preparing the dish yourself.

Maple syrup


Maple syrup is a sweet, golden syrup made from the sap of maple trees, such as the red maple tree and sugar maple. Each spring, the sap is harvested and boiled to evaporate the water and concentrate its sugars. Long enjoyed by indigenous peoples, maple syrup has become an essential Canadian breakfast food as the companion to hotcakes, as well as flavoring countless other culinary delights, including wine, beer, bacon and doughnuts.

Canadian bacon


Canadian and American bacon are two different cuts of meat. American bacon is usually cut from the belly, while Canadian bacon is a loin cut from the back. For this reason, it is also known as back bacon. Locally it is also called peameal bacon, due to pre-war preservation methods. Canadian bacon is generally leaner and tastes very similar to ham.

Summer sausage


Summer sausage is a semi-dried, smoked and cured meat, similar to salami. It is made from beef, venison or pork. The ancient preservation process they still use means that the meat can be kept unrefrigerated until opened. Because it doesn’t require cooking, summer sausage is a great appetizer that pairs well with wine and cheese. It can also be served on a sandwich or included in a picnic. For generations, Mennonite communities in southwestern Ontario have continued to perfect the art of making summer sausage.

Butter tartlets


Simple but divine, the butter tartlet is a small tart that traditionally contains a filling of butter, sugar, syrup and egg. It is believed that the first butter tartlet recipe was published in 1900. But they were probably an essential food in the early kitchens of Europeans newly arrived in the New World.

Beaver tails


Elongated to have the round, flat shape of a beaver's tail, these are similar to luscious fried dough fritters to which succulent savory or sweet toppings can be added. Traditionally they were dipped in cinnamon and sugar, but the varieties offered today are almost limitless. Build yours with whipped cream, fruit and chocolate or opt for a hearty serving of poutine toppings.

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