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Most of our daily shopping is done in supermarkets and hypermarkets. This is where we usually go to buy food and drinks, cleaning products, hygiene products, pet supplies, baby and children's items, and many other things that we use on a daily basis.

These are necessary expenses, however, we can take advantage of the offers of the different shops to reduce our investment in these types of products without losing quality and obtaining better products at a lower price. Whichever chain is closest to you and whichever you prefer, you can take advantage of the discounts they have to better plan your shopping and get better deals.

At My Deals 365, we have for you the Catalogues of the most important supermarkets and hypermarkets in Canadá. Discover the offers these shops have for you and the savings possibilities they offer today. Learn about their loyalty and points programs that will allow you to save more in the long run, access exclusive promotions, and earn rewards without overspending. Take advantage of everything these shops have for you and spend your money wisely, getting everything you need at lower prices and planning your shopping in advance.

Get exclusive discounts on the items your family needs and long-term benefits with specific payment options, by taking advantage of seasonal offers, or the many other benefits supermarkets have for you.

Often, a large part of our income stays in the supermarkets. Being more practical with our daily shopping allows us to save more, getting more benefits and advantages.

At My Deals 365, we make it easy for you by gathering the best discount catalogs in one place, so take advantage of these opportunities and take care of your pocket.

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