5 original Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank

Christmas can be expensive. There is the food, the decorations, the traveling, and the gifts, of course. However, if you're concerned that your limited funds will prevent you from purchasing gifts, think again. With these gift ideas available, you don't have to spend a fortune to show you care. The essential part is that you care about your loved ones and want to do something kind for them. Here are some inexpensive gift suggestions. Here are 5 thoughtful gift ideas that won't break the bank.

Cookies lovers


Whether the person is an expert or a beginner, cooking essentials are never enough. Every cook needs something to store the cookies. How about these ? They are the cutest. People will love you for these essential ; they are great quality and perfect for any recipe. The more easily they can scoop cookies, the more cookies they will make. And the more cookies they bake, the more cookies you will eat! Find the best at Kitchen Stuff Plus.

Beaty lovers


There are several excellent options available to shoppers at . Do you have any cosmetics enthusiasts on your gift list? Many products are priced at $80 or less. This will fit your head properly and counteract frizz, bedhead, and breakage. Storage is never enough; check out this three-piece set of multi-size travel-friendly pouches. Another essential element is a makeup eraser. Look at this ; it removes makeup and exfoliates the skin, making it the perfect gift for beauty lovers.

Camping lovers


If you're looking for a gift for a hiker or backpacker, this portable popper kit is an original camping gadget that will delight them. How about this pair of camping socks, like the ? Find more at , which offers up to 30% off. Want even lower prices? They have lots of items to choose from for under $25.

Coffee lovers


has gifts for everyone on your list. They have the latest and greatest technology and toys for all the special people in your life. For coffee lovers, they offer a wide range of machines, like this amazing . The store has a variety of espresso machines to choose from and great deals and discounts. Another option for coffee lovers is found at . Coffee mugs also make a perfect gift! , which are ideal for keeping beverages hot or cold for longer than a standard coffee mug.

Home lovers


If you're shopping for someone who enjoys staying home, the trick is to gift them something that will make it even more enjoyable. Warm up more than their feet with these ; they are comfy and soft. Spoil your loved ones with a wonderful gift. Pijama sets are a great gift for the family. With this super cozy Pajama Collection, you can declare war on the cold weather. Each set is made of organic cotton and features a pattern with a variety of Christmas trees for a festive look. Find these gift options and more at .

5 original Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank

The best furniture stores in Canada

With the change of season always hovers the idea of making changes in the home. The arrival of cold weather invites you to create cozier environments with the stove as the protagonist. If you had in mind to get rid of your old furniture, now is the opportunity to make all those renovations that you have been putting off. There are that offer a wide variety of products at very affordable prices. All you have to do is take the time to look through their catalog of offers to find the right furniture for your home. Here are five furniture stores you can't afford to miss.



offers a wide range of possibilites. This large chain displays a multiplicity of products that you won't know where to start shopping. It has special offers on items to renovate your home for less than 10 dollars, as well as affordable prices for everyday products that stand out for their good function and design. If your strategy includes total home renovation, IKEA is the place to go. There's furniture for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even beautifying the outdoors.



Mattresses, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, storage, windows, outdoor and home decor. Absolutely everything can be found here. is celebrating 26 years of presence in the Canadian market with up to 40% off select products. And you can even win a gift card with money to spend. If you sign up for their newsletter, you'll receive weekly deals, seasonal contests and inspiration straight to your inbox.

Home Hardware


You'll be able to access great discounts on faucets, paint, kitchen cabinets and bath items. offers monthly specials on select items so you don't overspend on your home renovation. There are promotions that are only valid for the web, so you'll need to be on the lookout when making your purchase. If you're not sure about doing the job yourself, you can turn to the project experts and installers that this chain provides.

The Brick


offers ideas on its website to inspire you and then transfer to your home. One of the advantages of this furniture chain is that it has seasonal offers, so you can access low prices on a wide variety of items. The sales go up to 60%, and involve mainly sofas. As an additional service, it offers installation and assembly of the purchased product, as well as appliance repair.

Bed Bath & Beyond


In this store you can also solve everything in one: indoor and outdoor furniture, and even for the baby's room. The offers are valid both in their physical stores and on the website, although there are daily promotions online that you won't want to miss. They even sell suitcases, pet food and toys for children. If you subscribe to their newsletter you will be able to find out about all the news that has for you.

brings you all the catalogs of the best furniture stores in Canada. If you are thinking of renovating your home, check the brochures and access the discounts that these stores have prepared for you.

The best furniture stores in Canada

The cheapest supermarkets in Canada

Taking advantage of the discounts and promotions offered by the in Canada is a good option to save and stretch your salary until the end of the month. You can solve the month's shopping and find everything in one place. Even if you sign up for discount cards, you have a better chance of getting your money's worth. And if your budget is tight, having decided in advance what you need for your home will be essential to avoid surprises in the ticket. Here we suggest the cheapest supermarkets in the country to take care of your economy.



At you can find a wide variety of products: meats, beverages, fresh produce, cleaning and hygiene items, seafood, bread and much more. It offers significant discounts both in its physical stores and on its website, and you can even take advantage of the brochures to get discounts on fuel and earn airline miles. offers many ways to save, including a weekly gift. This chain is characterized by an aggressive coupon policy.

No Frills


The chain has been gaining ground due to its family origins and offers a wide range of fresh produce. They publish their weekly offers on the web and print their brochures so that you can also take advantage of the best prices in their physical stores. Sales reach up to 50% and there are also 2 for 1 promotions. There are special prices for senior citizens during certain days of the week with savings of up to 10% on selected items.

Wholesale Club


is a chain specializing in food service and its variety includes: meats, cold cuts, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery and grocery items, restaurant disposables, small items and equipment. With its wide variety of beverages, candy and tobacco, it is the perfect wholesaler for convenience stores. It offers great discounts and free memberships for its customers, giving them access to their member specials, charge accounts, assembly and delivery, and special order services.



stores include a wide assortment of products, ranging from food and beverages to baby and drugstore items. There are prices to suit all budgets and if you access their weekly brochure you can find amazing deals to make your money go further. If you register by e-mail you will get the latest news from this chain. On their website you will find recipes to inspire you in the kitchen, taking advantage of the best products and at low prices.



is the largest price club chain in the world and has a presence in Canada. In its stores you can find everything from groceries, pharmaceuticals, tires, clothing, furniture, technology, relaxation and even sunglasses. If you join the Costco network, you will have access to important discounts and promotions. You will be able to choose between different types of membership and you will receive the Costco magazine at your home.

brings you the brochures of all the supermarket chains with discounts in Canada. It's your best option to stay up to date on promotions and sales and make the most of your budget.

The cheapest supermarkets in Canada

5 tips to save money on groceries in Canada

"Every year that begins, Canadians set different goals. For example, we save to buy an apartment, get a master's degree or take the trip of our dreams. We cut back as much as we can, but we often don't realize that we spend a large part of our budget on groceries.

Here are some tips to save money on groceries without reducing nutrition in our diet.

Make a list and stick to it

Spend a little time thinking about your needs and making up your weekly menu so you never have to go to a supermarket again, even if it is the one in your neighborhood. Forget everything that doesn’t appear on the list and buy only what you have already planned. You will spend less time shopping and avoid last-minute temptations.

The key is planning. One strategy to optimize this trick is to create weekly shopping lists with predefined menus for the whole week.

Shopping at discount supermarkets


The list of deals at supermarkets in Canada is extensive. Most chains offer different discounts almost every day of the week such as , , , Farm Boy, , and . You can even check their flyers for seasonal offers and products. There you will find all kinds of groceries.

At many of these chains, you can register for discount coupons and bonus offers. You can also participate in contests in their stores to get special discounts.

Opt for frozen vegetables


Not only do these foods make your meals healthier, but they are also inexpensive. Frozen vegetables are ingredients that you can include in any meal. If you buy packaged vegetables, the preparation and cooking time is faster because they come already peeled, cut, and pre-cooked.

Stock up on sale items

You can save a lot of money by stocking up on grocery items that are on sale. The important thing is that the foods are not perishable or can be frozen, such as bread and meat. This way you won't need to go to the supermarket as often. The goal is to have several places to buy your groceries and to be aware of the different offers.

Use what you have on hand in the refrigerator


One of the easiest ways to save money is to not waste the food you buy. It is possible to become an expert at preparing food with an ""empty"" refrigerator. When planning food for the week, the first thing to do is to see what you have and then supplement it with the food you buy at the supermarket.

has the latest catalogs from major Canadian supermarkets. Find the best and widest variety of groceries in our recommended stores.


5 tips to save money on groceries in Canada

3 tips to save on your next laptop

The pandemic has accelerated home office worldwide, and Canada was no exception. Working from home gives us certain freedoms, but it is also essential to have a laptop to be able to accomplish all our tasks remotely.

If you don't have one, there is no need to go into debt to get a new computer that fits your needs. Follow these three tips to buy a laptop and save hundreds of dollars. Taking advantage of discounts and promotions at is a good place to start.

Don't pay for features you don't need

come with all kinds of features. Backlit keyboards, extra SD card slots, high-end graphics cards, and plenty of solid-state storage space. While these are nice features to have, you have to ask yourself whether or not you really need them.

If you're just going to do the basics, all you really need to have is a Chromebook. They don't come with a lot of features, but they are very affordable and you can do just about any kind of task. However, it isn’t recommended for running specialized software for audio-visual work, statistics, or high-performance systems.


Take advantage of discounts and timing

If you are determined to buy a new laptop, start keeping an eye on Internet channels but also on promotions and discounts that electronics stores such as , , , or have. The price-quality ratio is another factor to consider: what they offer us for the price we are willing to pay.

You can download their brochures to get more information about seasonal discounts and special offers to buy both in their physical stores and in their online marketplace. There you can find a computer that fits your needs, as well as a wide range of office supplies: ink cartridges, printers, tablets, and even desktops.


RAM memory and hard disk

RAM memory is of great importance when buying a laptop. Look for laptops with expandable RAM, as you often have to buy more than one memory to increase the RAM, which would increase the cost.

The hard disk should be of large capacity since it is always consuming system resources. In addition, a larger capacity will serve to store a large number of documents, files, and applications that the user wants to save. It is recommended to acquire a hard disk of at least 150GB so that later you do not have to delete files as a result of lack of space.

has the latest catalogs of your favorite brands. Find the best laptops at the best prices at recommended stores. Choosing the laptop that fits your needs will simplify your daily tasks.

3 tips to save on your next laptop