The 5 Canadian dishes you need in your life

Canada is known for many things. Stunning national parks, the best ice hockey teams in the world, and the kindness of its people. But did you know they also have some of the most amazingly unique dishes in the world?

It's true! If you are thinking about visiting Canada, here is a list of the best traditional Canadian foods you should definitely try.

Game Meat Dishes

Canada has a proud hunting tradition. For generations, locals have hunted big game like moose, venison, and caribou during certain times of the year, respecting hunting laws and mating seasons.

As a result, many rural and small towns offer dishes made with actual game meat...and they are amazing! If you like the meat we guarantee nothing bought in a can ever match the taste of a wild animal that lived its whole life feeding and roaming in the forest.

There are many ways to eat game meat, including tacos, meat pies, sandwiches, and barbecued meat. While not a common dish in big metropolitan areas, this dish is definitely worth a ride to the countryside.

Nova Scotia Lobster Rolls

Nova Scotia Lobster Rolls are an absolute Canadian classic. East Coast lobsters are famous for their quality all around the country and there is no better way to eat them than in a roll with fries on the side. We don’t want to start a feud with Boston, but without a doubt, they are up there with classics like the lobster sandwich and the lobster bake.

Saskatoon berry pie

For those who don’t speak Canadian, Saskatoon is a kind of berry also known as prairie berry or juneberry. This pie is to Canada what apple pie is to the USA and for good reason. It has an unmistakable sweet almond flavor that when combined with a scoop of ice cream creates the perfect dessert. It also goes well with a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

Butter tarts

Butter tarts have been part of Canadian history for over 120 years, so it comes as no surprise to find them in almost every bakery. While the recipe may be simple, there is a historic division between those who prefer it with raisins and those who like it better with nuts. If you never had one, you should try both and pick your team.


A Quebec classic! Well, actually it is a dish cherished nationwide, but Quebec adores it and claims to be the place where it was invented. Made with fresh-cut fries, boiling hot gravy, and melty cheese curds, this dish can be found in almost every restaurant in the country, with different variations and ingredients including oysters, curry, lobster, and other interesting additions.


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The 5 Canadian dishes you need in your life

Products you can only find in Canada

The great white north is a fantastic place all around. Is not a secret that Canadians are some of the kindest people on earth, probably because during their brutally cold winters it is almost impossible to go outside to meet new people. Canada also has a long-standing tradition of products that Americans would dazzle their southern neighbors. Unless you hang out with many special importers, chances are you are only going to find these products on Canadian soil.

Milk by the bag

Yes, we are dead serious about this. You may think a bag of milk is the most impractical thing you have ever seen, but it is a lot better than some other alternatives. Milk bags are sold in supermarkets and placed in plastic containers that make the pouring process easy to handle. They are usually cheaper than their carton counterparts and last just about the same in the fridge. Milk bags are widely used in Quebec, Ontario, and Eastern Canada.


Beavertails sounds like the most Canadian product on earth unless there is some other product called Hockey Maple Winter Nice Guy Tarts (There isn’t, we checked). Beavertails are basically a flattened-out, hole-free donut that somehow managed to become the most emblematic snack in the country. They come in a variety of toppings and fillings, they are usually served hot and...did we mention they are AMAZING? Unbelievably unlike donuts despite their common ingredients, Beavertails have rightfully earned their place as Canada’s best snack.

Nanaimo Bars

Originally from the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia, they are yellow custards sandwiched between chocolate ganache and a coconut-graham crust that require no baking, making them one of Canada's most practical desserts. It is so popular that in 1985 a mayor created a contest to find the ultimate Nanaimo bar recipe, with a panel of judges (fudges) testing hundreds of entries until unanimously declaring the one presented by local Joyce Hardcastle as the absolute favorite.

Coffee Crisp

Coffee flavored candy seems like something the US would eat up, then complain about not being able to sleep before eating up again. Sadly this particular snack can only be found in Canada. Created by Nestlé, it's made with a vanilla wafer and foamy coffee-flavored candy beneath a thick blanket of milk chocolate.

Caesar Cocktail

Also known as the Bloody Caesar (History pun not intended), the Caesar Cocktail has been declared Canada’s national cocktail. That alone should tell you all you need to know about the importance of this drink. It is commonly served in a highball glass rimmed with celery salt and garnished with a celery stalk, olives, and lime. You can find caesar cocktails in almost every bar in Canada that’s worth its salt.


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Products you can only find in Canada

The best supermarkets in Canada

There are few things as frustrating as waking up to an empty fridge because you decided to skip on your supermarket run to binge-watch an entire season of your favorite show.

Yes, shopping for groceries can feel like a tedious routine sometimes, but it is also a chance to discover new products, brands, and bargain items that might just be your new preferred midnight snack.

If you are starting your next shopping list, here are some of the absolute best supermarkets in Canada.

Real Canadian Superstore.

RCSS is owned by Loblaw Companies, one of the biggest food retailers in the country. Still, the company has its very own unmistakable style that separates them from every other competitor. Founded in 1979 in Saskatoon, the supermarket chain store has been a household name in many Canadian cities. Their current slogan is “Shop like a mother” and while it may sound a bit weird for those who are not familiar with the brand, it really conveys a sense of familiarity that represents the soul of the company. RCSS has over 140 stores nationwide and its own online store that offers shipping and store-pickup options in almost every store.


Metro is the third-largest grocer in all of Canada. The company operates mainly in Ontario and Quebec, with headquarters in Montreal. The company was created in 1947, so you can be sure they know what they are doing. One of the most interesting things about shopping at Metro is the number of loyalty programs they have, offering many benefits, discounts, and rewards to their card-carrying members both online and at their stores.


With almost 200 stores in Alberta and British Columbia, Safeway is the third-largest grocery chain in the country. The company has its own brand called Lucerne- daily line, Primo Taglio, which specialize in deli and organic products. Their superstores have their own pharmacies, bakeries, Deli sections, and butchers. All of their services make them stand out, offering high-quality goods at fair prices. If you live in any of the provinces where they operate, Safeway is definitely a place you want to check out.

No Frills

No Frills was created in 1978 as a discount supermarket. Since then, the company has grown into one of Canada’s biggest and most recognized stores. The company has always promoted a model of sustainability, asking customers to take their own canvas bags, pack their own groceries and recycle at their stores and at home. They own and operate over 200 stores nationwide, selling a wide range of products at discount prices. No Frills stores are the perfect place to find new international and national brands that might just be better than regular, more industrial products.


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The best supermarkets in Canada

The best Canadian cities to visit in 2022

Nothing like a good trip to get away from work and discover new and exciting places. Not that COVID is finally starting to settle, people are packing their bags and hitting the road once again. Since international tourism now means a whole lot of paperwork and vaccine passes, some are considering shorter flights and road trips instead of intercontinental destinations.

If you are thinking about taking some time off, here are some of the best Canadian destinations you can visit in 2022.


The largest and most famous city in Canada. Toronto is the northern version of New York, only safer, cleaner, and with fewer musical performances at night.

There are many things you can do in Toronto, such as visiting the historic music garden in the harbourfront neighborhood, going to the famous Art Gallery of Ontario, taking a stroll through the Harbourfront Centre, shopping at St. Lawrence Market, and, if you are feeling like a real Canadian, you can go to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The city is also famous for its restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. No matter what you like, Toronto has something for everyone.


¿How good is Vancouver you ask? It has been called more than a few times “the best city to live in the world” by travel and lifestyle magazines. With a rich cultural life, diverse population, and high living standards, Vancouver is an example of what a good city should be.

If you are planning on going, you should consider cycling around Stanley Park, visiting their historic Chinatown, taking an Aquabus to Granville Island, visiting the Richmond Night Market, and hiking in Lynn Canyon.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located on the US-Canadian border. The three falls combined, the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls, form the highest flow rate of any the world!

While definitely a sight to see, there are many other things to do in Niagara Falls. You can take a journey behind the falls, visit the Skylon tower, ride the Niagara Skywheel, take the Whirlpool Aero Car, hike through the Niagara Parkway, and if you are feeling adventurous riding the Whirlpool Jet Boats for a shot of adrenaline.


If you enjoy winter sports, then Whistler is the place to go. It is one of North America's largest and most popular ski resorts and the host of the 2010 winter Olympics. From November to May, the city becomes one of Canada’s most visited attractions, with tourists from all over the world seeking an amazing skiing experience.

You can visit Whistler Mountain (2,182 meters) and Blackcomb Mountain (2,284 meters). The Whistler Blackcomb resort has the longest ski season of any resort in Canada, so you can relax and enjoy your trip even when all other places start to close.


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The best Canadian cities to visit in 2022

The best winter brands for Canadian weather

Canadian winters can be very harsh. With temperatures that can drop as low as -30 to -40°C (-22° to -40° F) for short periods of time, the right clothing literally becomes a matter of life and death. That is why Canada has some of the best winter brands in the world ready for the occasion. If you are planning on visiting the great white north during winter, here is a list of some of the best brands available to survive the cold while having a great time.

Canada Goose

A brand is known all over the world for its outerwear collections and winter accessories. The brands are loved by local Canadians and respected for the quality of their materials and range of styles. Their parkas are nothing short of iconic and for good reason. The brand has a long history of proven efficacy in places with very low temperatures, so you can be sure it will deliver when push comes to shove.

Moose Knuckles

A brand as hard as its name. Moose Knuckle parkas are designed with cutting-edge insulation materials that are able to keep you warm even in -40 degree temperatures. Over the last few years, the brand has stated that all its new collections will be ethically sourced and sustainably designed. Moose Knuckle jackets and parkas are durable, reliable, and very fashionable. What’s not to love?


Few brands compare to Rudsak when it comes to fashionable winter clothing. Founded in 1994 by Evik Asatoorian, the brand has been committed to designing elegant collections using the highest quality leathers, fabrics, and furs.

Rudsak parkas are always in fashion, with options for women, men, and children in many colors and materials. For the last five years, the brand has been using sustainable materials and locally sourced elements to create new types of collections based on sustainability.

Pajar Canada

Founded in 1963 in Montreal, Pajar is an outerwear and footwear company that specializes in quality winter shoes. The company has a very rich history developing parkas, jackets, shoes, and boots for mild and harsh weather conditions.

As a family-owned brand, the company understands the needs of local residents and the importance of providing quality goods at fair prices to make sure everyone can access the right gear to face the cold.


A luxury outerwear brand for men, women, and children. Nobis was created in 2007 with the idea of taking a modern approach to traditional winter clothing. Their first jacket was created using cutting-edge materials to archive a nicer silhouette than regular, stuffier winter alternatives.

From then on, the brand has gained a reputation for being trendy, edgy, and original while also being able to provide comfort and insulation even in the harshest weather conditions.


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The best winter brands for Canadian weather

Online shopping safety tips

In the last two years, online sales skyrocketed far beyond anyone’s expectations. eCommerce has become a multi-billion dollar industry that is now able to substitute almost every physical store in existence, constantly providing new ways to pay, shop, and find interesting bargains from the comfort of your couch. Despite all of this, there are still a few things you need to check before you click that buy button. Here are just a few of them.

Always check the return policy

Buying online is quite easy. Returning items...not so much. Before buying a product you know you might have to return, such as , , or , make sure the company provides an easy way to return, refund, or change the product you want to get. Some stores take care of the whole process for you while others make it nearly impossible to give the product back or just don’t offer any refunds at all. Yes, we know in this day and age returning an item should be an easy task, but you’d be amazed to know how many websites have terrible return policies. Be smart, dig a little deeper before buying something you might regret.

Be sure the website is secure

This one is for those suspicious sites that offer things that seem too good to be true. While respected and well-known sites are usually safe, some less notorious marketplaces that offer designer clothes, tools or a variety of As-seen-on-tv products can end up stealing your data and personal information. The best way to know if the site is secure is to check for the padlock symbol, the website address should always start with https:// and the site must appear on a simple google search.

When in doubt, always credit, never debit

When shopping on a site that you haven't tried yet, always go for the credit card. That way, if they ever steal your data or make a suspicious purchase, you can report the incident, cancel the card and get your money back. Paying with debit means that your money gets transfered almost instantly and getting that amount back will be a lot harder and slower than you might think. Another alternative is to use payment methods like PayPal, that way, scammers will not be able to get hold of your bank details.

Use different passwords

According to cybersecurity experts, users tend to use the same password for every website. This is a critical mistake. Although it might take some time and probably some memory to have different passwords, if you ever get hacked, you can be sure the problem won't extend to your other accounts and services. If you have trouble remembering too many passwords, try using different numbers, adding a comma or a capital letter to mix things up. Sure, it is not nearly as comfortable as a one size fits all password, but it's 100 times safer. You might also want to add a two step password protection on sites that allow this kind of access to make your account even harder to crack.


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Online shopping safety tips

Mistakes people make when buying clothes online

Shopping for has never been easier. Thanks to the eCommerce boom, there has been an explosion of new and interesting fashion brands all over the world. Big brands have also established online marketplaces expanding their reach and providing new ways to pick your new favorite outfits. Still, there are some things you need to consider before you click the add to cart button. Here are 5 common mistakes people make when buying .

Not Checking Measurement Tables

This is by far the worst mistake you can make. We know some fashion items look amazing in the picture, but before you consider adding them to your collection, check the measurement table to see what size you need to get. As with all brands, sizes can have subtle but important variations and if you are not extra careful, you might end up with something that is a bit too loose or a bit too tight.

Missing out on deals

Fashion stores are always offering deals, promotions, seasonal discounts, and clearance sales. The same goes for their online shops! There are many ways to save while and most of them require little to no effort at all. Some companies will give you vouchers just by subscribing to their newsletter or creating an account on their website. There are also many websites that offer coupons and discounts for fashion stores directly, so you can plan ahead of your next online shopping spree. The most important thing you have to know is this; When it comes to fashion, never buy something at full price.

Not reading the return policy

This is especially important if you are buying at an online-only company or one that is overseas. Even if you check the measurements, there is a slight chance that the product won’t be just what you expect and if the company has a bad return policy, then that is when the real problem starts. Some companies allow you to just ship the product back and get store credit, a new item, or even a full refund, but others make the whole process unnecessarily complicated and tedious. So, before buying anything, check their return policy. Sites usually have a FAQ section where they answer any and all questions about this matter, so be sure to read it carefully. A minute of your time might save you hours of frustration.

Considering price over quality

Many stores offer prices that seem too good to be true, and they often are. The internet is full of posts about women who bought cheap from bargain dealers only to end up with incredibly flawed dresses, coats, and shirts. So, if you are going to buy from an unknown store with no physical stores nearby and very low prices, try doing some research and be aware there might be some problems down the road. Sometimes it is better to spend a little extra knowledge you are going to get just what you want.


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Mistakes people make when buying clothes online

The tables that changed modern history

Tables are such an everyday element in our lives that we rarely think about them. It is enough to have a place to rest our food or sit down to have a coffee for everything to go smoothly. However, not all tables have gone unnoticed.

Since the Egyptians we have had a notion of the use of tables. Over the years there have been many versions of them: with more height, with more or less legs, with ornaments, smooth. In modern times some styles have left their mark, let's take a look at them.

Louis XV

¿Who has not marveled at such elegance? The French decorative style has transcended the decades. Designed to enhance the homes of the richest, its degree of detail and ornamentation made this style one of the most chosen by many generations. The Baroque, a way of thinking about art with a great expressive charge, gave rise to tables that carried a lot of presence and that alone gave to understand that one was in a place close to royalty. Today, tables and other of this type are available in Canada.


The German school meant a before and after in architecture and design. Its fundamentals based on simplicity of form and a return to the elemental were followed by numerous architects and artists. Tables such as Side Table by Eileen Gray, Nesting Tables by Josef Albers, Laccio Table by Marcel Breuer, among others, marked the history of interior design. Today many of these tables are still in the catalogs of Canada's leading houses.


This style is very fashionable. We see thousands of Nordic options in Canadian stores and stores. This style, preferably from Norway, Sweden and Finland, took hold in this part of the century based on its simplicity, functionality and durability. Wood combined with calm colors that accompany any space has been the key to success. Tables like Hans Wegner's CH237 or all of Alvar Aalto's creations (including his table), have been talked about and guided the design of the late twentieth century.

Tables outside the movements

There are countless tables that do not fall into one style but have been iconic. We can highlight the famous Nomos table by Norman Foster, fundamental in professional environments, or the Doge table by Carlo Scarpa, a masterpiece of Italian design. Nor can we forget the creations of Perriand and Le Corbusier such as the Table en Forme Libre.


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The tables that changed modern history

Innovative gifts for your children

¿Stuffed animals? ¿Legends? ¿Princess or superhero costumes? None of the above. Let's turn the typical gifts we give in Canada upside down and move on to much more interesting gifts. It's a good time to start thinking about toys that will make our play and learn at the same time. Here are some ideas for you to keep in mind and go out looking for that one thing that will make you stand out for the next birthday or Christmas.

Toys to learn to program

Digital transformation is increasing year by year. What was once only a matter of adults is now for everyone, including . The trend of toys that allow to learn programming is becoming more and more established. Toy stores have options of robots so that children can develop programming skills by bringing these gadgets to life. Who wouldn't want to have their own R2D2?

Drawing Screens

We can take drawing to a whole new level. The days of wasting thousands of sheets of paper and colored fibers may be over. Magnetic or digital drawing and coloring screens are now all the rage in the Canadian market. They come in many price ranges, they are not usually very economical, but they are a great investment. Your will be able to see their drawings on the computer and even share them with their best friends.

Coloring Maps

Who doesn't like to know the world? What better way than to do it by coloring. In Canadian stores and supermarkets you can find coloring maps. There are also models to scratch off and learn more about each country. Other educational projects have maps with drawings and legends to put together that also allow you to learn while playing.

To discover the universe

An excellent idea is to introduce to the fascinating world of planets and constellations. The typical is to start with a telescope but there are also interesting technological options such as special projectors that allow you to have a map of the universe in your room. There are also puzzles or toy solar systems to complement them.

Sustainable toys

Environmental education is very important for our . In Canada you can get many games that propose experiences based on renewable energies. There are toys with solar, wind, hydro, static or magnetic energy. can play with elements that take care of our planet and at the same time learn about environmental care.


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Innovative gifts for your children

¿Where is technology headed? Trends 2022

The tech world does not stand still. All the development processes we have been observing have accelerated with the pandemic and leave us facing a technological horizon that has already been in a hybrid context of enclosure-opening for two years. Let's see where the industry leading the fourth industrial revolution will go.

Everything is smart

It is clear that everything is becoming "smart". This trend we've been seeing grow is likely to advance to new places. With smartwatches already established in the population, more products will be added to being connected 24/7. We will see in Canadian stores and more and more appliances and wearables with the ability to connect to wifi, to our devices and to the cloud.

Going digital

Another giant advancing in the technological world is virtual reality and immersive experiences. The pandemic has left us in our homes for a long time and what we used to go out to look for can now be found all around us, either through delivery or through proposals that take us outdoors without leaving our homes. The development of VR or 360° products will be in Canadian advertising and stores.

Code for everyone

It may not be something that attracts the attention of end consumers, but the democratization and opening of the codes behind what we see and touch is also a trend. This is because more and more digital solutions are needed every day and it doesn't make sense that these processes are so costly or difficult or specific to solve. Developers and large companies are thinking about a world where more people have more information to respond to the pace that society demands.

Thinking sustainable

There is not much to question on this topic. Global warming and the climate crisis challenge the entire industry to offer "eco-friendly" products and solutions. In Canada, initiatives are being developed so that we see more and more products in and stores that respect the planet and use renewable energies in their use and manufacture.

It gets cloudy

If there is one thing the pandemic left us with besides the home office it was our link to cloud storage or systems directly mounted on it. 2022 looks set to be even cloudier with processes and platforms directly set up in the air. Buying digital storage or work products will be more current than ever in Canada and will be part of our lives for a long time to come.


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¿Where is technology headed? Trends 2022

Get ready for the field hockey season

The NHL season has already started in the United States and Canada and if you haven't started yet, this is your chance. Don't let more time pass and start equipping yourself with everything you need. We leave you with the ultimate list for the ice hockey fan.


There are skates for all types of players in Canadian goods stores. Those who are just starting out can opt for boots with greater protection, rigid and with a blade that allows for greater stability. There are also skates for intermediate players with features ranging from boot height for more aggressiveness to more aerodynamic shapes. For more advanced players, the "senior skates" are the best option. This last level of skates has a much higher degree of detailing with textures that aid mobility, blades that improve grip and enough lightness to fly around the rink.


The player's best friend deserves special attention. The first thing to check is the club material. The technology in this aspect has advanced a lot but it is still possible to get all-wood clubs. For those looking for something lighter, there are options in Canadian stores with mixed materials that can combine carbon fiber or aluminum. At an extreme level, Kevlar clubs are the jewels of the pros. Other aspects to take into account are the length, which is usually junior or senior, and also the curvature that will give your game a particular style.

Helmets and protection

Ice hockey is a high-contact and that is why all the elements of protection are essential. When it comes to equipment, look for a good helmet that gives you freedom but does not leave your head unprotected. There are recreational, competitive and professional helmets. The options differ according to the thickness of the helmet, the layers of protection inside and the front elements such as the visor or the metal mask. As for the body, you can look for semi-rigid foam alternatives at goods stores in Canada. Breast pads, shoulder pads and firmer or lighter leg protection are available but don't use thin materials as you don't want to end up with bruises.


Last but not least, . Good shorts to feel comfortable on the track. T-shirts made of materials that allow perspiration not to be trapped. Socks with anti-slip technology. Gloves so that the club does not get away from you. You can't miss your favorite team's jersey either.

Now you are ready to give it all and enjoy. Let's go!


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Get ready for the field hockey season

Colors to watch out for this season

The days of autumn are already being felt and soon we will have winter in our midst. It's time to renew the closet and nothing better than knowing where will go this season. From classics to more strident colors, here we review some options to choose from.

Range of greens

The season will offer a varied palette of winter greens. With a more mossy and natural trend, olive green will be the star of the garments. It will be a good time to go shopping in Canadian stores and in search of a pair of loose pants in this color that combined with a more natural shirt can be an ideal outfit for cold days.

Blue with energy

In the range of blues, becomes a little more striking. Ibiza and Mykonos blues are making a comeback, which have very marked characteristics. A blouse of this type will make you stand out among the pale colors that surround us. Striking blues will win the arm wrestle with the quieter ones, although dark tones will still be key for evening attire.

The era of fuchsia

Following the line of eye-catching colors, fuchsia will not go out of . You will see in and stores in Canada various options with this color that comes from having a sweeping summer at the hands of Kim Kardashian. So a fuchsia Fedora dress can be the solution for a winter party.

Adobe and browns

Clay will have its starring role this season. Its sober but stylish details will allow you to wear an elegant and modern look at the same time. The different shades of brown are not left behind this winter either, as we will see different options of shirts and jackets in Canadian stores.

The color of wine

For those who want to play a little more with colors, the range of burgundy reds or dark violets has a lot of potential to discover. Both in garments that can combine very well with greens and naturals and for accessories that will make you look very original. You will see many ideas around this range in the country's stores.

Natural bases

There is no winter without a good base of colors that allow us to play with imagination. For this winter, creams and beiges will be at your service so that you can build your personality on them. You will also see options in grays and silvers that make possible a use with any type of color as well. Don't forget to buy basic garments in these colors, you will surely find many of them in Canadian .


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Colors to watch out for this season