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Get to know Canada’s most popular sports

Get to know Canada’s most popular sports

The most popular sports in Canada are snow sports. Canadians love outdoor activities and enjoy having sports that are typical to them. Although soccer and basketball are also very popular among the population.

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Let's take a look of the most popular sports in Canada:

Skiing and snowboarding

gente-tiro-completo-esquiando-juntos_23-2148931188.jpg Canada has some of the most famous ski resorts in the world: from Mont Tremblant (Quebec) to Whistler (just 2 hours from Vancouver). Canadians have thousands of kilometers of mountain that remain snow-covered most of the year, for Canadians or foreigners to ski and snowboard all season long.

Hiking and mountaineering

excursionista-sentado-junto-su-mochila-sus-bastones_23-2147628846.jpg It is a mecca for many followers of these sports. The Rocky Mountains offer multiple surfaces to climb, such as ice or rock, and places for all levels, from beginner to extreme.

Ice hockey

jugador-hockey-masculino-palo-cancha-hielo-pared-oscura_155003-35785.jpg Ice hockey is the quintessential Canadian sport. The origin of field hockey dates back to the mid-nineteenth century when the British army introduced the game in its British colonies.

It is the most popular sport among Canadians, especially in winter, and has its own league, the NHL, in which 7 teams from Canada and 25 from the United States compete. Some of the best known teams are the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs.


jugadores-futbol-accion-estadio-profesional_654080-1254.jpg One of the reasons why the 2026 World Cup will be held in Canada is because this sport is becoming more and more popular in the North American country. You can often see people in parks playing and at the professional level this sport in Canada has the Canadian Premier League which started in April 2019.


profesional-negro-jugador-baloncesto-negro-accion-cancha-baloncesto_613910-553.jpg Did you know that basketball was invented by a Canadian? James Naismith was a sports instructor in Massachusetts when he invented in 1891 the game we all know today as basketball.

In Canada it is a very popular sport and is played both in schools and on the streets, but also at the professional level in the NBL (the Canadian basketball league).


hombres-dentro-pista-hielo-compiten-patinaje-sobre-hielo-generado-ia_188544-22742.jpg Curling is a mixed team sport played on ice and the ultimate goal to win is to throw a stone (20 kilos) and try to get it close to the center of a target in order to score.

In addition to the thrower, the other teammates are in charge of accompanying the throw by sweeping the ice in front of the stone in order to control the speed or correct the direction. To make it easier to understand, the main mechanics of the game are similar to petanque.

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