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The best skin care products for Canadian weather

The best skin care products for Canadian weather

Contrary to popular belief, skin faces different challenges throughout the year depending on the climate. Skincare is not just for the summer; winter can also be harsh on the skin and has its own dermal challenges. Canadian winters sure are tough, but they can be even harder on our skin, not only because of the cold air but also because we crank the thermostat up and take warmer showers and baths that can make your skin feel dry and irritated from head to toe. When the weather changes, so should your skin care routine. Changing your skincare products according to the season is crucial for keeping healthy skin. During these cooler seasons, it is suggested that you look for products that contain natural and plant-based ingredients with specific moisturizing properties to best protect your skin.

Oil bathing


The shower is where your skincare routine begins. Look for a body wash that not only adds but also locks in moisture, so your skin feels great when you step out of the shower. From the beginning, these Véllément products (mousse, shower gel, and body oil) will nourish and condition your skin. These products include macadamia nut oil, which traps moisture, penetrates deep beneath the skin's surface and delivers long-lasting hydration. Find them at Avon and order two items for the price of one; this is a fantastic deal.

Lip balm


During winter, your lips' keratine loses flexibility, causing the lips to become painful, cracked, and scaly. Lip balm, for example, is intended to aid the skin's natural keratin to protect the lips from dryness and UV damage. Mary Kay's Lip Balm with Mint Hint has a moisturizing formula as well as a pleasant mint-leaf smell that you will love. Put an end to crusty lips by carrying this product in your bag.

Glowing face


Look for hyaluronic acid-containing skincare products to effectively protect your skin from the harmful impacts of winter. It relieves dermatitis and draws moisture to the surface of the skin, resulting in plumped-up, bright skin. You'll love the LANEIGE's Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Hydration Set. It contains blue hyaluronic acid, which provides efficient, long-lasting hydration and will give your skin a big, noticeable shine. It's available at Sephora for an excellent price.

Healthy hair


What about your hair and scalp? Do they require help? Yes, the answer is yes! Winter cold and dry air can drain moisture out of your scalp, causing dryness, irritation, and even hair loss, even in "warmer" places. Try this Hair Thickening Shampoo with Coconut Oil, which cleans deeply while also moisturizing the scalp and hair. Serum therapy promotes strong hair roots and development. It is available from Avon at a very low price. This type of product has been shown to help protect the skin's moisture barrier by providing hydration and avoiding dry skin with regular use. Staying hydrated in the winter can also help to revitalize and moisturize the skin. When resting at home or on the go, it's essential to drink plenty of water.

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