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The best stores to buy fishing equipment in Canada

The best stores to buy fishing equipment in Canada

From trout to salmon to lobster. Canada is known for attracting anglers from all over the world because the country has vast waterways rich in fish. The Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans surround the outer coasts and more than two million lakes and rivers run inland. With a long coastline and one of the largest freshwater capacities in the world, communities and families across Canada have built their lives and futures by harnessing the value of their waters. If you're a fishing fanatic, you've got to have a full complement of gear to get out with family or friends. Think tents, fishing rods, hooks, thermoses and tackle boxes. Nothing can be left to chance to enjoy a full experience. Here are the best stores to buy fishing equipment in Canada.



At Coleman you can find everything in one place. It is one of the favorite stores for Canadians and worldwide for its variety of fishing equipment, quality and good prices. You can start from the largest to the smallest: tents and shelters, grills for grilling fish, camping furniture such as chairs, tables, portable solar showers, flashlights, camping cribs, coolers and glasses, and -of course- fishing rods. You don't need to scour countless stores in Canada because Coleman has everything you're looking for. If you check out their website, there's a blog section with top tips for campers. How to wash a sleeping bag, how to keep insects away, how to avoid humidity in a tent, among a dozen useful tips for beginners.



You can save hundreds of dollars at Cabela's. They publish weekly specials for fishing enthusiasts such as fishing probes, rods, reels and combos, tackle storage, life jackets and inflatable kayaks. There are products with up to 45% off. Cabela's is a store known for its strong brand name and world-renowned reputation for delivering quality products, value and customer service. Its product assortment continues to be tailored to meet the needs of Canadians and their most unique requirements. Examples of this include a full range of fishing products, clothing and footwear for extreme cold climates.

Bass Pro Shops


If you are a member of the Bass Pro Shop club you will access exclusive savings on tackle and fishing gear. Fishing rods, hooks, clothing and inflatable vests, and a host of camping items that you can use every time you go out with family or friends. Another plus at Bass Pro Shops is that they offer a rod and reel repair service, and they also sell top-brand fishing boats and sport boats. Bass Pro Shops boat and ATV showrooms and Power Pros service centers are available to meet boating and ATV needs from coast to coast. Whether you like to fish, paddle whitewater or spend your afternoons floating in calm river pools, Bass pro Shops gives you every advantage on the water.

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