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Unleash the athlete in you: a deep dive into Sport Chek's products

Unleash the athlete in you: a deep dive into Sport Chek's products

If you're thinking about starting a sports routine, you need to buy the right equipment. You can't just wear any old sneakers or clothes that you discarded because they got holes or stretched out. The clothing will depend on the sport you practice. You don't need to invest a lot of money or go into debt because you want to lead a healthier life. The Covid pandemic prompted many Canadians to take up sports as a way of escaping confinement. What started almost as an impromptu plan, ended up becoming a hobby for many citizens. A deep dive into Sport Chek's products for training. Unleash the athlete in you!

Running shoes


There are different types of shoes, but not all of them are ideal for exercise. Which one is best for you? A sneaker that gives you a high level of support while being flexible. If the shoe is hard, it will cause blisters and you won't want to keep exercising. On the other hand, if you buy good sneakers like the ones sold at Sport Chek, you won't have to worry about potential injuries.



There is no more comfortable garment to work out in than a pair of tights. It adapts to your body, is flexible and allows you all kinds of mobility. One thing to keep in mind is the thickness of the tights. If the fabric is too thin, you run the risk of exposing your underwear. We recommend wearing a thicker wedge, especially in winter. In summer it can be too hot.

Hand towel


If you're going to the gym, it's always best to carry a hand towel with you. It's not nice to share such a personal item that will be soaked with sweat. Even though it's winter in Canada, the atmosphere inside the gym is warm and you're sure to sweat. At stores like Sport Chek you can find all kinds of towels in different colors and sizes. Choose the one that suits you best. There are quick-drying hand towels that are a good option so as not to impregnate your bag with an unpleasant odor.

Thermos bottle


It used to be common to carry an old soda bottle to the gym. Now thermos bottles that keep the water cold for hours have become fashionable. The main sports brands launched their own thermos bottles on the market and they quickly became all the rage. It is advisable to bring your own bottle and not to share it.



The vast majority of smartwatches include a system to measure steps, stress or calories, and even have an internal device to measure the quality of sleep. They also adapt to different types of training. You can buy a basic watch and link it to your cell phone. It is an extremely useful device for exercise.

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