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The cheapest supermarkets in Canada

The cheapest supermarkets in Canada

Taking advantage of the discounts and promotions offered by the main supermarket chains in Canada is a good option to save and stretch your salary until the end of the month. You can solve the month's shopping and find everything in one place. Even if you sign up for discount cards, you have a better chance of getting your money's worth. And if your budget is tight, having decided in advance what you need for your home will be essential to avoid surprises in the ticket. Here we suggest the cheapest supermarkets in the country to take care of your economy.



At IGA you can find a wide variety of products: meats, beverages, fresh produce, cleaning and hygiene items, seafood, bread and much more. It offers significant discounts both in its physical stores and on its website, and you can even take advantage of the brochures to get discounts on fuel and earn airline miles. IGA offers many ways to save, including a weekly gift. This chain is characterized by an aggressive coupon policy.

No Frills


The No Frills chain has been gaining ground due to its family origins and offers a wide range of fresh produce. They publish their weekly offers on the web and print their brochures so that you can also take advantage of the best prices in their physical stores. Sales reach up to 50% and there are also 2 for 1 promotions. There are special prices for senior citizens during certain days of the week with savings of up to 10% on selected items.

Wholesale Club


Wholesale Club is a chain specializing in food service and its variety includes: meats, cold cuts, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery and grocery items, restaurant disposables, small items and equipment. With its wide variety of beverages, candy and tobacco, it is the perfect wholesaler for convenience stores. It offers great discounts and free memberships for its customers, giving them access to their member specials, charge accounts, assembly and delivery, and special order services.



Sobeys stores include a wide assortment of products, ranging from food and beverages to baby and drugstore items. There are prices to suit all budgets and if you access their weekly brochure you can find amazing deals to make your money go further. If you register by e-mail you will get the latest news from this chain. On their website you will find recipes to inspire you in the kitchen, taking advantage of the best products and at low prices.



Costco is the largest price club chain in the world and has a presence in Canada. In its stores you can find everything from groceries, pharmaceuticals, tires, clothing, furniture, technology, relaxation and even sunglasses. If you join the Costco network, you will have access to important discounts and promotions. You will be able to choose between different types of membership and you will receive the Costco magazine at your home.

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