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The top 10 Cyber Monday deals of 2023

The top 10 Cyber Monday deals of 2023

Events like Cyber Monday are ideal for buying Christmas gifts, but also those products you always wanted and didn't dare to buy so as not to overspend. It's not a matter of wasting money, although it doesn't hurt to treat yourself at the end of the year. Here, the best 10 Cyber Monday deals of 2023 in Canada. Remember that this year's Cyber Monday is on November 27, the Monday following Black Friday.



You can find significant discounts on equipment of 43 inches or more. Define the space and adapt the TV according to your needs. At Best Buy you will find the best sales in the market.

Cell phones


If you want to buy a cell phone, Cyber Monday is ideal because the equipment always has good discounts and are the most sought after items by people. Visit Freedom Mobile stores.



Take advantage of the discounts to revive your closet and have the latest in fashion at super low prices. Renew your closet with H&M.



If you're a fan of perfume and you're running low, take advantage of the spectacular discounts that Sephora always does for Cyber Monday.



It is a basic garment for any style and never goes out of fashion. Buying a classic pair of shoes, in black or white, will be ideal for our closet. Where? At Aldo.

Decorative items


With Christmas fast approaching, Cyber Monday is the special event to shop for holiday decorations. If you're about to decorate your home and there's nothing left of your old decorations, take that step and dare to invest a few dollars at Kitchen Stuff Plus.

Quilts and cushions


With the change of season, many Canadians take the opportunity to buy white goods. Change your old quilts and cushions at Oxford Mills.

Camping equipment


If you are an outdoor enthusiast and love camping, take advantage of the discounts that Bass Pro Shops is preparing for the next Cyber Monday. You will find everything: tents, fishing rods, lamps, special footwear.



It isn’t the product that we find more variety during these sales, but some models can always be found with interesting offers. Normally, there are usually complete kits with accessories included. DSLR, EVIL and compact cameras are usually the stars. Costco has great deals on technology during Cyber Monday.

Hardware items


There are basic hardware items that you can't miss in your home and that will allow you to get out of the way if something happens, for example, on a weekend. To note: drill, ladder, pliers, hammer, shovel, screwdriver, nails, screws or paint. At Peavey Mart you will find the widest variety of products at the best price. Price that is improved with the Cyber Monday offers.

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