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Should you renovate or replace your furniture?

Should you renovate or replace your furniture?

What should we do? Renovate or replace our furniture? It is a big dilemma in which we put our budget at stake. Most of us think that renovating furniture can be cheaper. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Apart from considering all the aspects of a specific piece of furniture we want to change, we have to think about the time the job will take. In Canada there are big furniture and hardware stores like IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, JYSK, The Home Depot and ACE Hardware where you will find furniture of all kinds and at the best price.

Why should you buy new furniture? Here are some reasons.


As furniture ages, it tends to become increasingly uncomfortable. New furniture can be much more comfortable to sit and curl up on, whether it's a thick cushion, a cushioned sofa or a leather armchair. They are so comfortable that you might even fall asleep in them.


Modern furniture is inspired by the need to simplify. Modular product lines are now built with versatility of use, so that they can be adapted to different spaces. It is generally minimalist and lightweight furniture.


Another benefit of buying new furniture is durability. Furniture, made with good materials and properly constructed, can withstand spills and falls without being ruined. You should invest in quality furniture, so you can be assured that it will remain intact over time.


The color of new furniture, usually white, or the addition of lamps can brighten any space in your home. Having lots of light penetrating the room during the day makes your living room look more attractive or makes the room easier for you to read in. Light-colored furniture matches almost anything and is your best choice. However, renovating furniture has plus points. As we said, it will depend on the time you have to restore them.

Personalized furniture

Thanks to the restoration, we can choose exactly how we would like the result to be, unlike the furniture we buy in any store. You get a nice souvenir and keep the original essence. Antique furniture, which tells stories and reminds us of moments we have lived, become unique and exclusive pieces that bring personality to our home. In some cases, only if the structure is in good condition, we can give a new life to the furniture. In others, even if the frame of the furniture is too damaged, it is possible to rescue some parts, giving them a new function.

More ecological

With furniture restoration you contribute to preserve the environment. The manufacture of new furniture promotes deforestation and land degradation. If you think about it in terms of ecology, it is a great option. Giving a new life to objects that seem destined to end up in the trash is one of the fundamental aspects of a trend towards a more responsible and respectful consumption.

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