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Christmas shopping for the DIYer

Christmas shopping for the DIYer

At Christmas time, it is common that many doubts arise about what to give as a gift. Originality and the use to which the gift will be put are the criteria that often guide purchases. An appropriate option for do-it-yourselfers is to give tools that will allow them to renew an old tool or increase the variety they already have. Some are drills, electric screwdrivers, sanders and clamps. In Canada there are special stores where you can find all kinds of gifts for the DIYer: Patrick Morin, The Home Depot, Ace, Lowe's, Peavey Mart, Kent, BMR, Rona or Réno-Dépôt.



The drill is a basic electrical tool. Fixing a shelf on the wall or drilling materials to pass a cable through them are some of the multiple uses of this tool. Before purchasing a drill, it is advisable to know the real power of the device. For domestic use, it is sufficient for the tool to have 450W. It is also very useful if it includes a speed regulator since hard materials such as concrete or steel require the drill bit to rotate more slowly than on other soft surfaces.



Polishing is a necessary operation for many finishes. There are different models of sanding machines: belt, delta or rotoexcentric, among others. However, the orbital sander is one of the most versatile. To make it a useful tool, you should buy a model with a wide base that covers a larger work area. It is also essential that it has a variable speed control to adjust the pace depending on the material being worked.

Tool belt


A DIY lover has to have accessories to carry his tools when he is working. And one of the best options is a tool belt and tool case. Generally, belts have space for nails, tools and hammer, as well as a tape measure. The back is usually padded for an optimal fit.

Painting roller


Painting is another one of those tasks that a handyman can perform at home saving a good amount of dollars. But to perform this task properly you must have quality tools like a paint roller. Those that are filled directly from the paint can are ideal, so it saves you a lot of trips from the wall to where the paint is. It features a pivoting head and stand so you can leave it during a break without the risk of smudging anything.

Laser meter up to 50 meters


Laser meters have been around for years, but the truth is that they are becoming more and more complete and economical. A good example is the Mileseey meter for distances up to 50 meters. It has IP54 certification that protects it from rain and dust, comes with two bubble levels and a four-line LCD display to be able to correctly interpret all the data it offers.

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