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Post-Black Friday discounts: how to find the best-remaining deals

Post-Black Friday discounts: how to find the best-remaining deals

Black Friday is not the end. It is, in fact, the beginning of a great festival of deals that extends well beyond Christmas. Technology, clothing, shoes, perfumes, and much more. Canada's big stores are taking advantage of this time to shake up their sales and clear out their seasonal stock. The impact of inflation and the higher cost of living is changing buying habits, which retailers have recognized. How to find the best-remaining deals post Black Friday? Take note.

Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is a day full of deals and discounts that is celebrated on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. This custom, which had its beginnings more than a decade ago in the United States, has transcended its borders and has become a global event that captivates shoppers around the world. This date represents an exceptional opportunity for those who could not make the most of Black Friday, either because of lack of time or because they got lost. This is a strictly virtual edition, so everything is just a click away. 30, 40, 50 and up to 60% on selected products. Recommendation: always buy in official stores to avoid scams. Unlike some shopping events that extend over several days, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday is characterized by its ephemeral nature of lightning deals.

Autumn/Winter sales


You can renew your closet without overspending. It's a great opportunity to buy clothes on sale if you didn't do it during Black Friday. At Costco, for example, you can find discounts of up to 50% on jackets and parkas, first layers, socks, hats and gloves, including some products with merino wool, one of the best materials to avoid the cold. They also sell snow suits (jacket+pants) for children, ideal for them to attend school, at very convenient prices. At Decathlon, a store specialized in sports and indoor/outdoor activities, they have very convenient prices. If you are looking for skates, field hockey or snowboarding items, you have to give it a spin.

Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14. This holiday comes from long ago and is commemorated because in the third century in Rome killed the priest Valentine for secretly celebrating marriages of young lovers. Over the years, its celebration has spread to the whole world. On Valentine's Day it is classic for couples to give each other perfumes, flowers, chocolates or jewelry. Although of course each couple is free to decide what gift to give on this special day. That is why stores don’t limit themselves to giving discounts only on the above products but do it in different items to give variety and cover the tastes. Stores in Canada always prepare extraordinary discounts for Valentine's Day. You can buy chocolates and perfumes with up to 55% discount.

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