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How Canada is shaping the future of technology

How Canada is shaping the future of technology

Technological innovation is a key factor in a country's development and many governments are taking steps to address the shortage of tech talent. Canada recently announced a package of measures aimed at attracting digital nomads and tech talent with administrative facilities to make settling in its territory much easier.

Canada's proposal simplifies the visa application as a visitor and you can stay in the country for six months. However, if you accept a job offer in a Canadian company, you can apply for a temporary work permit or even permanent residence.

Canada's technology industry plays a bigger role in the country's economy than you think. How is it shaping the future of technology? The technology sector is exceptionally diverse, ranging from digital technologies to aerospace to pharmaceuticals.

Looking at the figures by province, Quebec and Ontario have the highest percentage of tech workers: 6.4 percent of Quebec's workforce is employed in high-tech companies, while in Ontario the percentage is 6.2 percent. British Columbia and Alberta tie at 4.8%, while Saskatchewan has the lowest percentage of high-tech workers (1.3%).

By city, Toronto is predictably home to Canada's largest technology sector, employing 286,100 people. It is followed by Montreal, where 222,200 people work in technology, and Vancouver, where 111,700 people are employed in this sector.

Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Calgary, Ottawa-Gatineau and Kitchener-Waterloo Cambridge are the country's leading technology centers in terms of the proportion of workers.

As far as electronics stores are concerned, Canada has a large number of them. This is due to the planning that has been done from the highest levels of the country. Among the main chains are Canada Computers, Trail Appliances, TechSource and Best Buy. You will find the best and most advanced technology. You won't need to buy abroad.

Canada as a technological powerhouse


The influx of skilled workers helped make Toronto the fastest growing center for technology jobs in North America in recent years.

Canada's tech sector includes local companies such as e-commerce company Shopify. The ease of hiring international talent has also made Canada more attractive to global giants like Google, which in February 2020 had announced plans to triple its workforce in the country.

Commitment to immigration


No factor has been more important in Canada's technology boom than its commitment to immigration, including refugee resettlement and a vibrant international student community.

Canada's only land border is with the United States, making it relatively easy to prevent uncontrolled migration and focus on welcoming highly skilled workers and refugees at an orderly pace.

The demand from Canadian technology companies relies significantly on people coming from different parts of the world. With an aggressive immigration policy, Canada offers multiple programs to attract international talent, providing incentives to organizations and individuals who contribute to this.

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