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Coleman sports equipment: the best gear for your active lifestyle

Coleman sports equipment: the best gear for your active lifestyle

Canada is full of huge national parks and is an ideal country for outdoor life. If you are one of those people who lead an active lifestyle and like camping, climbing or hiking, you've come to the right place. You can't be an improviser and you will need exclusive sports equipment for this kind of activities. Coleman is a brand of excellence and the ideal place where you can find the best kit. Below our recommended products



The tent has to be number one on your list. It is the main item if we are going camping and it becomes our biggest shelter in case of emergency or bad weather. There are different types of tents and the choice will depend on the number of people coming. You can opt for a large tent for all the hikers to sleep in or split up and take more than one tent. They are rain and snow resistant and incorporate hidden pockets for better storage. Coleman tents are best because they are designed to dry quickly, have a durable, waterproof finish and are easy to clean. They are also known for their quality construction, as they are often made of durable materials such as aluminum.

Flashlight or lantern


Light will be indispensable during the night and even more so in forests as thick as those in Canada. It will allow you to control everything around you and you will be able to sleep peacefully and safely, without fear of being attacked by an animal. There are some aspects that you should take into account: that it has a bright light, that it resists knocks and falls and that it has long-lasting batteries. Our recommended flashlight is the Coleman CPX 6 Rugged XL LED 700 lumens. It is battery operated, waterproof and designed for camping and outdoor use.

Travel backpack


When you go hiking you carry a lot of luggage and a suitcase is useless. We must buy a hiking backpack that suits our activity and allows us to carry everything in the same bag. At Coleman there are backpacks for $172. These backpacks have a total volume capacity of 18 liters and many zippered compartments to carry everything you need. They are ideal for a three-day hike.

GPS Watch and compass


Many hikers prefer to carry a GPS sports watch. It is a very important device to know where we are and not have any inconvenience when we are on our way back. However, there are those who still rely much more on a compass. In Coleman you can find a very economical compass such as the lensatic compass filled with liquid, luminous letters and a brand new case. You can get it for $17.90. Of course, there are other more expensive ones, but it will depend on the features you add.

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