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PAT Mart is a Canadian supermarket chain focused on the sale of Korean and Asian products. PAT Mart is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and has a long history in the market.

Frequently asked questions about PAT MART

How to save money at PAT MART

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Discounts offered by PAT MART

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When was PAT MART created?

PAT Mart was founded in the 1970s in Canada by two Korean immigrants. Since its beginnings, PAT Mart has had the goal of providing its customers with a wide assortment of high quality Korean groceries and products. In the following years, PAT Mart underwent a strong business expansion process with the addition of a large number of products and the opening of new stores.

Is PAT MART currently open?

PAT Mart stores are open Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 9 pm. Some stores may change their opening and closing hours according to their location.

How to buy PAT MART products Online

PAT Mart has an exclusive online store. On PAT Mart's online store, customers can find a wide selection of products at discounted prices.

What brands can I find at PAT MART?

PAT Mart sells products of well-known brands such as Bibigo, CJ, Ottogi, Samyang, Nongshim, Dongwon, Sempio, Chungwoo, Meokja, Seoul House, Kikkoman, Kewpie, S&B Golden, CJ Beksul, Daesang, Chung Jung One, Maeil, Paldo, Haitai, Lotte, Crown, HMart, Daesun, SsÄm Day, O'Food, Kogiya, among many others.

Who are PAT MART's main competitors across the country?

PAT Mart competes in Canada with other supermarket chains such as Galleria Supermarket, Hannam Supermarket, H-Mart, among many others.

How many PAT MART stores are across the country?

PAT Mart operates in Canada through stores located in the Ontario area.

How to get exclusive benefits at PAT MART

Customers can enjoy great benefits at PAT Mart by shopping online and having their products delivered to their homes. In case of any inconvenience with any of its products, PAT Mart allows returns and refunds. PAT Mart sells fresh and conveniently priced products. PAT Mart has an exclusive customer service by phone and email.

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