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EB GAMES flyers - Best sales and catalogues

EB GAMES sales, catalogues and flyers

EB Games, formerly known as Electronics Boutique and EB World, is an American computer and video games retailer.

Frequently asked questions about EB GAMES

When was EB GAMES created?

The story of EB Games began in 1984 when Babbage's, a small educational software retailer, opened for business in Dallas, Texas. The store grew over the years and in 2000 the name changed to GameStop. GameStop revolutionizes the video game industry by launching its one-of-a-kind buy-sell-trade program. In 2005 GameStop acquired Electronics Boutique Games (EB Games) and expanded its international footprint to become the world's largest video game retailer. EB Gamesbegan its international expansion with the opening of three stores in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1993. The Canadian division is the largest of the international divisions with 300+ stores as of May 2008. In 2017 they introduced a new 50/50 store concept in select EB Games Canada stores, dedicating 50% of retail space to video games and 50% to collectibles merchandise.

What brands can I find at EB GAMES?

EB Games commercializes well-known brands like Nintendo; Biogenik; PlayStation; Xbox; Wii; and PSVITA, among others.

How to save money at EB GAMES

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money at EB Games, they already have low prices. Also they have on sale products every day online and in-store.

EB GAMES have deals on Black Friday?

EB Games joins the Black Friday and offers great savings opportunities, with unmissable discounts on selected products from leading electronics brands.

On My Deals 365 you will be able to find the best EB Games brochures to change your smartphone, tablet or notebook, buy a smartwatch and get the cheapest prices on smart TVs with 4K technology of different inches.

During the next Black Friday, which this year is on November 24, you will enjoy discounts on electronics products of up to 50%, among which stand out TVs, Smart TVs, radios, computers, video cards, notebooks, netbooks, MacBooks, computer monitors, gamer keyboards, cameras, video cameras, phones, smartphones, GoPro, drones, Bluetooth headsets, gamer headsets, smart devices, etc..

As its name suggests, Black Friday takes place on Friday, but most stores extend their offers throughout the weekend, such is the case of EB Games, which has all kinds of discounts on electronics products, with the latest in technology and the best image and sound quality.

In addition to the catalogs of the most prominent electronics stores in the country as EB Games, in the My Deals 365 blog we give you tips and advice to take advantage of the offers of Black Friday, with recommendations to enjoy the promotions, compare prices and avoid falling into scams.

As every Black Friday, My Deals 365 is the best place to know in advance the most important offers of the electronics stores in Canada.

Who are EB GAMES's main competitors across the country?

Some of EB Games competitors are stores like Game Retail;2001 Audio Video, Best Buy Canada; HMV; Family Video; JB Hi-Fi; FYE; Canada Computers & Electronics; Trail Appliances, The Source and Circuit City.

How to get exclusive benefits at EB GAMES

EB Games provides many benefits to their customers. If you become an EDGE member you will collect points on every purchase, every pre-order, and every time you trade at EB Games. Collecting enough points, you will level up to unlock even greater benefits. Also, on their website you can access Game Informer: a blog with the latest news. If you don’t want to go to the store, EB Games offers the possibility to shop online and download your products directly on your computer.

Discounts offered by EB GAMES

My Deals 365 brings gaming and pop culture all at one place. At EB Games you will find your favorite games, the best consoles and more. My Deals 365 knows you well. Shop at EB Games.

The brochures and catalogs contain the best weekly, monthly and yearly promotions, with offers and discounts available today in stores. To check the updated prices you can also browse the official website online: https://www.ebgames.ca/


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