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H Mart is a Korean-American chain store of supermarkets with headquarters in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. The company is owned by the Hanahreum Group and operates in the United States, England, and Canada.

Frequently asked questions about H MART

When was H MART created?

H Mart began in 1982 as a small corner grocery store in New York City, in the neighborhood of Queens. Their original name was Han Ah Reum. The store provided original Asian food and ingredients and quickly became known for the quality of their service.

In 1984, the company opened a second store in Union, New York, and from that moment on, began an expansion plan that led them to have over 97 stores in all the country as well as others in Canada and two in London, England.

Today, H Mart is the largest Asian-American chain store in all of the US. They offer a wide selection of quality Asian products, negotiating directly with farmers and producers to provide their customers with some of the most affordable prices on the market.

What brands can I find at H MART?

H Mart offers a wide range of local and Asian brands such as Nangman, CJ, Jinga, Ottogi, Bonjuk, Beksul, S&B, Dongwon, Beef, Scallion, Sempio, Yu Dong, Hormel, Kadoya, Three Crabs, Tae Kyung, Arizona Farm, Lee Kum Kee, Haioreum and many more.

How to save money at H MART

You can subscribe to H Mart´s newsletter for all the latest deals and promotions, get seasonal discounts on their website or find the best prices for your purchases using their price match system.

Who are H MART's main competitors across the country?

H Mart competes with local and international store chains. Their main competitors are Starsky, IGA, Safeway , Oceans, Randalls, Park n Shop, Buschs, Fareway, Booths, Homeland and Cosentino´s.

How to get exclusive benefits at H MART

The best way to get exclusive benefits at H Mart is to apply for one of their smart saving cards. It's free, has no annual fees and you can get the best customer only discounts while getting points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Discounts offered by H MART

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