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Structube is a Canadian furniture and home accessories retailer with headquarters in Montreal and Quebec. The company operates over 75 stores in eight provinces and an online marketplace that expands their reach even further in the country.

The history of STRUCTUBE: what is STRUCTUBE?

Structube was created in 1974 as a family business that catered to the needs of regular customers. The company specialized in tubular clothing racks and its original name was Portmanteau, a french word that means structural and tubular.

In 1980, the company decided it was time to start expanding, opening a new 54,000-square-foot distribution center and stores in the Montreal downtown area. The plan was a success and soon, Structube became a major player in the furniture business.

By 2016, Structube was already present in eight provinces, including Montreal, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec. The company also launched an online marketplace that offered to ship nationwide, extending its reach. While very popular in Canada, Structube abandoned all its US operations in 2019 to focus on the local market.

What kind of products can I find at STRUCTUBE?

Structube offers all kinds of furniture and accessories. You can find desks, beds, sideboards, sectional sofas, bar stools, dining tables, dining chairs, armchairs, mattresses, media units, drawers, chests, lounge chairs, bedside tables, coffee tables, loveseats, lights, 2 stage desks, corner desks, and many other products.

What brands can I find at STRUCTUBE?

Structube designs, produces, distributes, and sells mostly their own brand of furniture. The company keeps high quality standards using only the best materials available to provide an outstanding experience while keeping their prices low.


How to save mony at STRUCTUBE?

There are many ways you can save money at Structube. You can go to the Sales section on their website to find their latest discounts and promotions or subscribe to their newsletter to get all the latest information about their products and catalogs.

Meet STRUCTUBE's competitors

Structube competes with local and international furniture and decoration stores such as Groupe SEB, Walmart, IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Target, and Wayfair.

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The best way to get exclusive benefits at Structube is to create an account on their website. You can get all the latest deals, promotions, clearance sales, and limited offers directly to your inbox. You can also get access to member-only perks and benefits.

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