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T&T Supermarket is an Asian-Canadian grocery chain of stores. The company is owned by Loblaw Companies and is the largest Asian Grocery chain in Canada.

What kind of products can I find at T&T SUPERMARKET?

**T&T Supermarket **sells fresh produce; meat like pork, beef, lamb, chicken and poultry; seafood; dairy and frozen foods; bakery goods; prepared meals; snacks and drinks; food essentials; beauty and wellness products; home and living items like appliances, kitchenware, cleaning products and more. At their stores you will find amazing Asian foods and products.


Frequently asked questions about T&T SUPERMARKET

When was T&T SUPERMARKET created?

**T&T Supermarket **was founded in 1993 when Cindy Lee, an immigrant from Taiwan and a working mother of three, had a simple dream: To help families by bringing the best of Asian fresh food and groceries under one roof. With the help of her husband, Jack Lee, Cindy opened two stores in Burnaby and Richmond, British Columbia. “T&T” has a double meaning: Tina & Tiffany, her two daughters, and the initials of two early investors. In 1999 stores were opened in Alberta and in 2002 it expanded east to Ontario. In 2009 T&T Supermarket was acquired by Loblaw companies limited, Canada’s largest retailer. Both companies co-worked to grow the business. Cindy continued as CEO and the Lee family remained a significant shareholder. In 2019 T&T expanded its office, warehouse, central kitchen and bakery in Richmond to prepare for the company’s future growth.

What brands can I find at T&T SUPERMARKET?

T&T Supermarket commercializes it own brand T&T and others like Achino; Dagai; Diamond of sea; Buono; Brandt; Xiao Mi; Alcan; Elmie; Dettol; Cooker King; Amoveo; Adreans; Ying Chao; Yopokki; Wu Tsen, among others. Most of them are Asian brands.

How to save money at T&T SUPERMARKET

T&T Supermarket provides deals for new customers; discounts on selected items; weekly deals; and the possibility to receive promotions by signing up to their email.

Who are T&T SUPERMARKET's main competitors across the country?

**T&T Supermarket'**s top competitors include Metro, Safeway, Adonis, PA Supremarche , Carrefour, Ingles Markets, Schnuck and Waitrose & Partners.

How to get exclusive benefits at T&T SUPERMARKET

T&T Supermarkets provides their customers with their REWARDS Points program which gives you the possibility to accumulate points and redeem them for merchandise or special gifts at T&T Stores. Also, they have a free download app where you can find recipes and more.

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